Meet the Team

Graham Plumb

Chief of World Domination

Graham is “The Guy” when you’ve got questions about investments – he reads reports and statements for fun! He’s also the one in charge of expansion and operations so things like our licensing and registrations aren’t forgotten by the chatty gals on the team.

Graham started helping families sort through the jargon of their finances 7 years ago. He saw that he could reach more people by partnering with some likeminded individuals and MOOLA was born.

His boys, Ashton and Reid, are his taekwondo, landscaping, and kite-flying partners. His wife, Lindsay (aka Coach-ess with the Mostess) has been his business partner from the beginning and life partner for the past 6 years. The Plumb family are active and fun and always looking for play-dates.

If you’d like to get to know Graham more, shoot him an email at

Lindsay Plumb

Chief Coach-ess (with the Mostess)

Lindsay was gifted with the common-sense of a room full of people which comes in handy when talking about money. When she sees over-spending, miscommunication, unclear goals, or lingering debt she puts on her Big Girl Pants and gets to work! Her over-active brain is an idea generator that helps MOOLA with marketing and business development.

Seven years ago, Lindsay realized her future was not going to be spent planning events for major companies but rather planning finances for everyday families. Through working with hundreds of families she had the confidence to take the giant leap with her husband Graham (aka Chief of World Domination) to start MOOLA.

If you’d like to chat shoot Lindsay an email at