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Maybe surrogacy is a route you are taking to create your family as an intended parent. We have a resident expert in surrogacy who understands the journey you are on. Building your family should be fun and exciting, so let’s make a plan to cover the risks so you can relax and enjoy the process together, shall we?

Wait a minute, you’re having a baby, could it be that you have an insurance need?

Maybe you’re the amazing surrogate. You’ve decided to jump in and do something incredible by helping another. Let’s be sure your family is protected so you can relax into pregnancy. You are so important to your family and the new family you are creating. We find most surrogates just never get around to getting their insurance in place, so we are happy to get them on the right track and educate them on some sound financial principles for the long term based on their needs.

We work in partnership with some of Canada’s foremost fertility consulting firms who trust us to take care of their clients in several areas that might include:

  • life insurance

  • health and sickness insurance

  • all other types IF you need them

Inquiries can be sent to angela at yourmoola dot ca