Freedom, mobility – who doesn’t love the single life?


You’re free to take risks without worrying about family obligations. You’re mobile so taking a promising career in a new city is no big deal. There is a world of opportunity and the only person you have to ask permission is yourself. Awesome right? Of course! But there’s still a need for a financial plan if you want to have a prosperous future and strong retirement fund.

For example, couples tend to have shared expenses, or have their partners income should they be laid off. Single people don’t usually have that kind of luxury. Maintaining lifestyle and building wealth for singles just means that there are different goals and strategies that need to be put in place.
If you’re single, your priorities and timelines are your own. But you still need a plan and it helps to have someone to talk to. Whatever dreams you have or places you’d like to go, we’re here to make sure you get there.

Some of your top priorities probably include:

  • Travelling

  • Home Ownership

  • Paying off Debt

  • Building Wealth/Retirement

  • Emergency Funds

Here’s how we can help?


  • 12, 18, 24 months of ongoing coaching

  • budget design and review

  • by the hour, unbiased advice

Coaching (fee-only service) – Your friends and family are great sounding boards, but you may not always want them to know how much you make, have to invest or want to spend on certain areas of your life. Sometimes you may just want a second opinion. Whatever situation you’re in, a financial coach can help you overcome obstacles and make confident decisions that align with your goals. You’ll be held accountable for your actions and spending keeping you on a clear path to the financial future you’ve been dreaming of.


It’s important to plan for the good and bad in life.

Since you’re the master of your domain, you need to be realistic with your vulnerabilities. That includes making sure that loss of work, illness or any other kind of life event that takes you away from any income producing activity will greatly affect your ability to live – let alone comfortably. The rule of thumb is to have three months worth of expenses saved. But as a single, you’ll probably want to consider some insurance. For you, we recommend disability or critical illness.

  • disability insurance

  • critical illness insurance

    Investing – Think it’s just for the wealthy? Nope!

    This is one of the most misunderstood pieces in financial literacy. And what’s with all the acronyms?! We’ll help you figure out which investment options are in alignment with your current and future objectives. The idea is to have clarity about what exactly you’re putting your money into! It’s not just about trusting us – it’s about understanding how to make your money work for you.

    • RRSPs

    • TFSAs

    • RDSPs

    • Non-registered

    Debt Elimination

    • Debt Payoff Plans

    • by the hour, unbiased advice

    Debt Elimination (fee-only service)– Let us help you plan your payments to maximize your dollars. Sometimes you should pay the debt with the highest interest rate and sometimes it’s best to start with the smallest balance. We help guide you through the pros and cons so you can manage your money confidently. Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes to determine the best plan of action.

    Ready to start making your money work for you?