Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

Where do you keep your adulting documents? Online storage? Computer? External drive? Filing cabinet?

Get organized and locate the following:

  • Wills (often kept on file with the lawyer, you should also have a copy)
  • Mortgage documents (and make a calendar note for when the term renews)
  • Life insurance policies (and payment and renewal dates)
  • Health and dental plan booklet (and understand your long-term disability benefits)
  • Tax returns and latest Notice of Assessment (be sure to sign up for CRA’s “My Account”)
  • Home and car insurance policies (and renewal dates)
  • Loan statements (and interest rate details)
  • RSP/TFSA/RESP statements (showing investment choices – ex. Mutual fund, GIC, etc.)

I like to use a boxy file folder with each slot labelled for all the above information that I may need to have on hand (except the wills). In January each year I take out the old statements, receipts, and warranties to  shred, put into a tax folder, or move them to a locked metal document box in the basement.

Once you’ve got all these important documents organized you’ll be ready for your next step in financial awesomeness! Is it your budget or checking off the next task on the adulting checklist?

–       Alyx

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